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Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc. (HHH USA) is a registered 501 (c) (3) charitable organization whose mission is providing financial aid to members of the hunting community in times of financial hardship caused by situations outside their control, such as medical problems or accidents.

HHH USA considers applications for financial aid from hunters or their family members and if approved, makes payment directly to creditors. Since its formation, HHH USA has made received more than twenty applications and paid out over $29,000 to assist hunters and their families. Past applicants have received financial aid from HHH USA to pay medical expenses, funeral costs, insurance premiums, and utilities.

If you are a member of the hunting community and need financial aid, please fill out the HHHUSA Assistance Application and submit it to HHH USA for consideration.  You can also email Mike Bell the HHH USA Director of Assistance at directly for questions regarding the application process.

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to HHH USA, please send checks payable to Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc., and send to:

Hunters Helping Hunters USA
225 Parkman Street
Oakville, CT 06779.


Use the convenient PayPal donate button located on the Fundraising page.


Thank you.

The hunting community has always been supportive of its fellow members and their kindness. HHH USA is proud to take part in that long standing tradition. There are no strangers in the hunting community, only friends that we’ve yet to meet.

Total for year (2017): $633.92.

Total for year (2018): $196.54

Total for year (2019): $0

Total to date: $29,274.42.

Pending application(s): 0

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