How Hunters Helping Hunters USA (HHH-USA) gives financial assistance to those hunters or hunter's families in a time of need

Assistance FAQ & Application Process

Who can apply for HHH-USA Assistance?

Any hunter, member of the hunter’s family, or friend of a hunter in need of assistance may submit an Application for Assistance to HHH-USA.

What kind of assistance does HHH-USA offer?

HHH-USA Assistance is normally a financial contribution that is directly paid to one or more creditors of the person in need. HHH-USA does not make financial payments to the individual directly.

What happens after I submit an Application for Assistance?

When HHH-USA receives an application the Director of Assistance does an initial review of the application and assigns a case number. The Director of Assistance, at his/her designee, may contact the applicant directly for additional information or documentation (such as copies of medical bills or other evidence of financial need) necessary to complete the review process. 

The Director of Assistance then reviews the application and supporting documentation and submits a report to the HHH-USA Board or Directors summarizing the application, making a recommendation on whether or not the application should be approved. The HHH-USA Board of Directors votes on whether or not to approve the application and if approved, what amount should be awarded. The Director of Assistance will then notify the applicant.

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