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Tom Knapp - one of North America's greatest Hunters and Shooters was one of the Original 1st 100 members who helped start HHH-USA
Tom Knapp

Tom Knapp is recognized as the greatest exhibition shooter of modern times. With TV appearances and more than 100 live shows a year in the United States and Europe, he thrilled countless shooters with his seemingly impossible feats with shotguns. Of course, the shotguns that Tom shoot are CZ-USA.

Tom traveled the World for CZ-USA and the Federal Premium Ammunition Company. He performed all throughout Europe and the Mid-East covering as many as 14 Countries in 4 months! Tom performed for the public from 1987 till his death and entertained audiences as large as 8000 spectators at a single performance. He appeared on numerous National and local TV networks over the years.

Tom held three distinctive World Records in 'Freestyle Target Shooting' or 'Exhibition Shooting' which made history in the shooting industry!

Tom was one of the "Original First 100" members to HHH-USA before his death in 2013.

Dick "Poppa" & Marlene Worden

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(Richard) Dick "Poppa" Worden (born Dec. 20, 1938) answered the call for volunteers to become board members for a newly formed non-profit organization, Hunters Helping Hunters

Dick was an active member of the North American Hunting Club (NAHC) messaging board where the newly formed Hunters Helping Hunters (HHH) organization first got its humble beginnings. 

Dick helped in representing HHH-USA at the DUGOF in Memphis, TN in 2005 and assisted with the Application Committee. He left HHH-USA to found the Northern New York Chapter of Hunters Helping Kids and was a Director of the national organization located in Haw River, NC.

Dick went to the "Happy Hunting Grounds" on January 12th, 2012.

Shelly Haley

Shelly Haley, our colleague, friend, and fellow HHH-USA Board Member, passed away on May 13, 2023, at her home surrounded by her loving family and friends.

Shelly was a long-time board member and served as the Vice President of Fundraising. She was instrumental in one of HHH-USA's most successful fundraising event. Her energy, enthusiasm, and administrative skills were a significant asset to HHH-USA. Shelly helped in representing HHH-USA at the DUGOF in Oshkosh, WI, in 2006.

Shelly had been fighting the good fight against cancer for some time. She is survived by her husband (former HHH-USA board member), Shawn Haley

Shelly shown below with Shawn Haley & Tom Knapp

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